What Is Complete Dental Care?

What Is Comprehensive Dental Care?

For those desiring a dental insurance or treatment plan that will cover all of their potential dental concerns and give them the best possible coverage, it’s important to be aware of complete dental care. A complete dental care treatment plan offers a bit more than the traditional plan by providing for not only standard dental treatments like routine cleanings and fillings, but also for preventive and early detection dental care measures.

When providing this type of care, dentists look at the teeth and mouth as a component of the whole body rather than as a system that functions in isolation. As such, they take a holistic approach to their patients’ dental health and beauty, which often allows them to prevent severe problems by looking out for them before they develop.

The following are a few services that are provided with complete dental care:

Multiple or Simultaneous Treatments

Dentists typically have a tendency to work on a particular dental issue in isolation. For example, they will provide a treatment that is most needed at any given moment–such as a root canal–without working at preventive measures to keep other teeth in the mouth from also needing a root canal in the future.

If your dentist offers complete care, they might perform a root canal while at the same time preventing severe infections. They might suggest cosmetic procedures or crowns and onlays to prevent further decay.

Preventative Measures

Unlike traditional dentistry, complete dentistry puts an emphasis on each and every aspect a patient will need for treatment. This allows for the practice and performance of procedures that will help the overall health and beauty of the patient.

Consultation Regarding Self-care

A traditional dentist won’t extensively examine a patient’s self-care habits in the same way that a dentist providing complete care will. Dentists who offer complete dental care will recommend or even prescribe self-care practices to help minimize treatment needs into the future.


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