What to Do in St. Pete on the Longest Day of the Year

Valentines Day 2016: Where to Go in St. Pete

Summer has officially started and it’s the longest day of the year! For native Floridians, we are quite lucky to enjoy sunshine and summer weather most of the year. But, how do you plan on spending the longest day of the year? The following are three ideas that answer the question of what to do in St. Pete on the day of love:

Rent a Bike in Downtown St. Pete

St. Petersburg, Fla is home to beautiful waterfront parks. Rent a bicycle and explore all downtown St. Pete has to offer. Museum hop along Beach Drive from the MFA to the Dali or go look at the beautiful sculptures that line the parks. There are a number of different bike rental shops in the downtown area, check out St. Pete Bicycle & Fitness.

Have an Amazing Dinner at The Mill

This new restaurant has gained notoriety throughout the entire state of Florida. Enjoy this rustic, steampunk inspired atmosphere by having a one-of-a-kind crafted cocktail at the bar or enjoying a “Not Your Momma’s Grilled Cheese.” The Mill offers a variety of five-star quality dishes and service. Set the mood of a unique and classy evening by taking your S.O. to St. Pete’s newest restaurant attraction right in the heart of downtown.

Go on a Street Art Scavenger Hunt

St. Pete is known for their amazing street art. Make a scavenger hunt list and enjoy the city with your significant other. You can get a unique taste for the area  while taking Kodak moment pictures in front of beautiful murals. Grab a drink, a bite to eat or even head to a few shops along your hunt. Make the day memorable and say “cheese.”

Call Daxon Dentistry

If you want to get your smile ready for the longest day of the year, then call Daxon Dentistry. The highly-trained staff will be able to provide you with a number of different options for your teeth.