What’s in That White Dental Filling?

Otherwise known as tooth colored fillings, resin, bonding, plastic, composites or non-metal fillings, these beautiful alternatives to gold and metal are the most common type of dental procedure used to fix decay and broken teeth.  You may have wondered what they are made of so here’s a quick explanation.

Glass, Quartz or Porcelain

This may throw you off a little bit, but remember that your teeth have hardness similar to volcanic glass.  It only makes sense that the material used to fix them has qualities that closely match.  The glass particles that make up filling material are microscopic and very tightly packed, ending in a very durable and beautifully shiny end result.

Acrylic Resin or Plastic

With a variety of shades that can be mixed and layered, these materials offer dentists a durable option to match surrounding teeth and make more natural looking repairs.


This mineral is sometimes mixed in with filling material to help manage bacteria and keep the restored tooth protected against repeat decay.  By slowly releasing over time, the lifespan of a white filling can increase quite a bit.

Photo Initiators

White filling materials are a little on the runny side when first placed in the mouth.  After shaping the composite, a hardening reaction has to happen.  This ingredient absorbs the UV rays from a blue curing light in order to make the filling strong and long lasting.  Taking a liquid to a solid in your mouth is very important, so the assistant has to keep your mouth very dry at this stage.

Benefits of White Fillings:

1.  Chemically stable and safe

2.  Able to withstand extreme temperatures and hold up to stomach acid levels

3.  Capable of fending off billions of bacteria and extreme pressure

4.  Beautiful substitute for unsightly metal fillings

5.  Easier to see around the edges with x-rays and visual examinations

Although the recipe may change from one brand to another and by location and size, you can count on our doctors to choose the best one suited for your particular needs.  We use products that are ADA approved, tested and regulated to be safe and effective.