Why Morning and Night Are the Best Times to Brush

Why Morning and Night Are the Best Times to Brush

We all know that brushing our teeth is important, because besides removing plaque and bacteria, regular brushing can help prevent cavities, gum disease and more. But while we all know that we should be brushing our teeth at least twice per day, when exactly should we be brushing them? Are certain times of the day more beneficial than others? Learn why morning and night are the best times to brush your teeth.

Brushing Your Teeth in the Morning

Do you brush your teeth first thing in the morning? You should! Brushing your teeth in the morning is beneficial for a variety of reasons. For starters, brushing in the AM helps rid your mouth of morning breath. But besides giving your breath a minty boost, brushing your teeth in the morning helps to reduce the amount of cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth, too.

Brushing Your Teeth in the Evening

After a long day, brushing your teeth before you go to sleep can feel like a burden. But brushing your teeth before you call it a night is extremely important. Brushing your teeth before bed not only reduces bad breath, but it also removes old food particles, which greatly reduces the amount of bacteria in your mouth. It’s no surprise that our teeth go through a lot throughout the day. Between drinks, meals and snacks in between, tiny bits of food get stuck in the crevices and hard-to-reach spots of your mouth. If you’re not taking the appropriate measures to clean your mouth before you sleep, food remains create bacteria, which breaks down the enamel on your teeth.

Why the Way You Brush Your Teeth Is Important

Although brushing your teeth in the morning and at night is important, how you brush is more important than when. In order to prevent cavities, gingivitis and the like, you need to brush like a dentist! This means taking time to carefully reach all areas of your mouth. While many individuals tend to rapidly brush all of their teeth and get on with their day, it’s important to follow a more structured method.

Dental hygienists and dentists brush their teeth by dividing their mouth into four quadrants: top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right. Starting in one quadrant, brush your teeth from front to back, making sure you clean the outer surface of your teeth, the inner surface and the chewing surface. And don’t forget to brush for at least two minutes!

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