Will a Bite Splint Help My Headache?

Will a Bite Splint Help My Headache?

A high percentage of the population has been struggling with frequent headaches throughout their days, so this is something that doctors have been trying to help patients with for a very long time. While other professionals may be quick to prescribe prescription painkillers and blame headaches on stress, the doctors at Daxon Dentistry specialize in evaluations and treatment of jaw joint problems commonly associated with headaches.

Stress of a Different Kind

Although you may experience stress during the day that carries over into your slumber time, most nighttime grinding really stems from the top and bottom jaw not finding a stable place to rest. Overbites, crossbites, crowding and missing teeth can all contribute to disruptions in proper engineering and function. All of the muscles and nerves in and around your head are in close proximity. If you get inflammation in one area, others are sure to feel it as well. Properly fitted bite splints allow the jaw and surrounding muscles to relax while you are sleeping. Within a very short period of time, most patients awake with fewer headaches and feel more rested overall.

Lips Together, Teeth Apart

Even during the day, the resting position of your mouth should be close to this. When your lips are comfortably closed, your teeth shouldn’t lock into position by touching. There are daytime activities that tend to trigger headaches as well, so it’s best to avoid them if possible. Chewing gums, holding a phone on your shoulder and leaning up toward a computer can lead to neck strain, jaw pain and headaches. If you find that you are clenching during the day, you can definitely wear a bite splint to remind your face to relax.

Maintaining Your Comfort

When a patient has been wearing a nightguard for a little while and their headaches are seemingly gone forever, it’s still a good idea to continue wear the bite splint. Any strain or stress on the jaw joint during the day can be offset by a relaxing and restful night free of muscle pulls and clenching. Since teeth tend to shift over time, it’s best to set a schedule for wearing a bite guard even if things feel great. Prevention is the best medicine so there’s no need to wait for a flare up to happen again.

If you are experiencing headaches, we are here to help. Call us today to schedule an evaluation!